Grade 1Think Math! is founded upon the principle that children are curious problem solvers. Each grade level’s content builds a puzzler’s disposition, developing mathematical “habits of mind” through games, puzzles, mental math, and other collaborative activities – with the goal of providing engaging and motivating experiences for a community of diverse learners.

In Think Math!, first graders are eager to explore mathematical relationships. They sort and classify by attributes and explain sorting rules. They represent addition and subtraction as jumps on a number line, understanding that a “plus” jump moves forwards and a “minus” jump moves backwards. Instruction focuses on strategies for addition and subtraction within 20, including doubling, halving numbers, and making pairs to 10 and 20 – eventually moving to larger numbers up to 120 by exploring place value and grouping. They experiment with linear measurement using both non-standard and standard units of measure to measure various objects.

All student materials can be accessed through the table below as PDFs by chapter.

Chapter Listing

Chapter Topics Think Math Resources
Chapter 1: Two-Dimensional Figures and Patterns
  • Identifying numbers and quantities
  • Analyzing attributes
  • Identifying patterns
Chapter 1 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 1 Practice pages Chapter 1 Extension pages Chapter 1 Activity Masters

Chapter 1 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 2: Number Lines and Time
  • Comparing numbers
  • Understanding addition and subtraction
  • Measuring time
Chapter 2 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 2 Practice pages Chapter 2 Extension pages Chapter 2 Activity Masters

Chapter 2 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 3: Skip-Counting and Money
  • Relating pennies and nickels
  • Developing counting strategies
  • Making amounts in different ways
  • Representing coins
Chapter 3 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 3 Practice pages Chapter 3 Extension pages Chapter 3 Activity Masters

Chapter 3 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 4: Exploring Addition and Subtraction
  • Sorting and combining in any order
  • Developing addition and subtraction strategies
Chapter 4 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 4 Practice pages Chapter 4 Extension pages Chapter 4 Activity Masters

Chapter 4 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 5: Working with Tens
  • Making tens and ones
  • Representing a two-digit number using dimes and pennies
  • Telling time
  • Working with multiples of ten
Chapter 5 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 5 Practice pages Chapter 5 Extension pages Chapter 5 Activity Masters

Chapter 5 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 6: Data and Probability
  • Collecting and organizing data
  • Displaying and interpreting data
  • Describing likelihood
Chapter 6 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 6 Practice pages Chapter 6 Extension pages Chapter 6 Activity Masters

Chapter 6 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 7: Working with Larger Numbers
  • Identifying patterns and rules
  • Understanding larger numbers
  • Introducing the quarter
  • Finding the values of collections of coins
Chapter 7 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 7 Practice pages Chapter 7 Extension pages Chapter 7 Activity Masters

Chapter 7 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 8: Doubling, Halving, and Fractions
  • Doubling and halving as processes
  • Doubling and halving collections of coins
  • Understanding fractions as quantities
Chapter 8 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 8 Practice pages Chapter 8 Extension pages Chapter 8 Activity Masters

Chapter 8 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 9: Modeling Addition and Subtraction
  • Modeling and recording addition sentences
  • Applying addition and subtraction rules
  • Relating addition and subtraction
Chapter 9 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 9 Practice pages Chapter 9 Extension pages Chapter 9 Activity Masters

Chapter 9 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 10: Maps, Grids, and Geometric Figures
  • Exploring lines and paths
  • Creating two-dimensional spaces
  • Exploring two- and three-dimensional figures
Chapter 10 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 10 Practice pages Chapter 10 Extension pages Chapter 10 Activity Masters

Chapter 10 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 11: Comparing Numbers, Temperatures, and Weights
  • Comparing numbers
  • Adding or subtracting equal amounts from both sides of a sentence
  • Using and understanding weight
Chapter 11 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 11 Practice pages Chapter 11 Extension pages Chapter 11 Activity Masters

Chapter 11 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 12: Length, Area, and Capacity
  • Measuring to quantify comparisons
  • Using units as cultural conventions
  • Relating the size of a unit to the number of units
Chapter 12 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 12 Practice pages Chapter 12 Extension pages Chapter 12 Activity Masters

Chapter 12 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 13: Making and Breaking Numbers
  • Making and breaking numbers
  • Finding sums to 20
Chapter 13 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 13 Practice pages Chapter 13 Extension pages Chapter 13 Activity Masters

Chapter 13 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 14: Extending Addition and Subtraction
  • Using strategies to add and subtract
  • Representing number sentences from many situations
Chapter 14 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 14 Practice pages Chapter 14 Extension pages Chapter 14 Activity Masters

Chapter 14 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 15: Exploring Rules and Patterns
  • Exploring a variety of rules
  • Identifying inputs and outputs
  • Undoing rules
Chapter 15 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 15 Practice pages Chapter 15 Extension pages Chapter 15 Activity Masters

Chapter 15 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)