Grade 4Think Math! is founded upon the principle that children are curious problem solvers. Each grade level’s content builds a puzzler’s disposition, developing mathematical “habits of mind” through games, puzzles, mental math, and other collaborative activities – with the goal of providing engaging and motivating experiences for a community of diverse learners.

In Think Math!, fourth graders deepen their understanding of multiplication, division, fractions, and geometric figures. They focus on decomposing and recomposing, using groups and arrays to facilitate multiplication, eventually moving to multiplying multi-digit numbers – and explore division, finding quotients of multi-digit dividends and one-digit divisors. Children “zoom in” on fractions and decimal fractions, finding equivalent fractions and decimal fractions and comparing them by size and location on the number line. Finally, fourth graders classify geometric figures based upon their properties, paying particular attention to properties of angles.

All student materials can be accessed through the table below as PDFs by chapter.

Chapter Listing

Chapter Topics Think Math! Resources
Chapter 1: Magic Squares
  • Category: Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Solving mathematical puzzles
  • Practicing computational skills


Chapter 1 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 1 Student Handbook pages Chapter 1 Practice pages Chapter 1 Extension pages Chapter 1 Activity Masters

Chapter 1 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 2: Multiplication
  • Relating multiplication and addition
  • Decomposing and recomposing groups to facilitate multiplication
  • Relating multiplication and division
Chapter 2 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 2 Student Handbook pages Chapter 2 Practice pages Chapter 2 Extension pages Chapter 2 Activity Masters

Chapter 2 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 3: The Eraser Store
  • Regrouping
  • Place value and algorithms
Chapter 3 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 3 Student Handbook pages Chapter 3 Practice pages Chapter 3 Extension pages Chapter 3 Activity Masters

Chapter 3 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 4: Classifying Angles and Figures
  • Properties of angles
  • Ways to classify figures
  • Verifying congruency
Chapter 4 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 4 Student Handbook pages Chapter 4 Practice pages Chapter 4 Extension pages Chapter 4 Activity Masters

Chapter 4 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 5: Area and Perimeter
  • Measuring area
  • Considering area and perimeter together
Chapter 5 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 5 Student Handbook pages Chapter 5 Practice pages Chapter 5 Extension pages Chapter 5 Activity Masters

Chapter 5 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 6: Multi-Digit Multiplication
  • Computation practice
  • Multi-digit multiplication strategies
Chapter 6 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 6 Student Handbook pages Chapter 6 Practice pages Chapter 6 Extension pages Chapter 6 Activity Masters

Chapter 6 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 7: Fractions
  • Making equivalent fractions
  • Comparing fractions
Chapter 7 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 7 Student Handbook pages Chapter 7 Practice pages Chapter 7 Extension pages Chapter 7 Activity Masters

Chapter 7 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 8: Decimals
  • Decimal notation
  • Reading decimal notation
Chapter 8 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 8 Student Handbook pages Chapter 8 Practice pages Chapter 8 Extension pages Chapter 8 Activity Masters

Chapter 8 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 9: Measurement
  • Reasons for measurement
  • Choosing units thoughtfully
  • Estimation and familiarity
Chapter 9 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 9 Student Handbook pages Chapter 9 Practice pages Chapter 9 Extension pages Chapter 9 Activity Masters

Chapter 9 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 10: Data and Probability
  • Finding out all possible outcomes
  • Probability experiments
  • Using data to generate probability
Chapter 10 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 10 Student Handbook pages Chapter 10 Practice pages Chapter 10 Extension pages Chapter 10 Activity Masters

Chapter 10 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 11: Three-Dimensional Geometry
  • Describing three-dimensional figures
  • Classifying figures
  • Measuring three-dimensional figures


Chapter 11 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 11 Student Handbook pages Chapter 11 Practice pages Chapter 11 Extension pages Chapter 11 Activity Masters

Chapter 11 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 12: Extending the Number line
  • Considering numbers less than zero
  • Describing locations on a plane
Chapter 12 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 12 Student Handbook pages Chapter 12 Practice pages Chapter 12 Extension pages Chapter 12 Activity Masters

Chapter 12 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 13: Division
  • Relating multiplication and division
  • Building up to a missing factor
Chapter 13 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 13 Student Handbook pages Chapter 13 Practice pages Chapter 13 Extension pages Chapter 13 Activity Masters

Chapter 13 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 14: Algebraic Thinking
  • Working forward and backwards (“doing” and “undoing”)
  • Using shorthand notation
  • Making generalizations
Chapter 14 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 14 Student Handbook pages Chapter 14 Practice pages Chapter 14 Extension pages Chapter 14 Activity Masters

Chapter 14 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 15: Estimation
  • Developing estimation strategies
  • Using estimation in the context of measurement
Chapter 15 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 15 Student Handbook pages Chapter 15 Practice pages Chapter 15 Extension pages Chapter 15 Activity Masters

Chapter 15 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)