Grade 5Think Math! is founded upon the principle that children are curious problem solvers. Each grade level’s content builds a puzzler’s disposition, developing mathematical “habits of mind” through games, puzzles, mental math, and other collaborative activities – with the goal of providing engaging and motivating experiences for a community of diverse learners.

In Think Math!, fifth graders solidify their understanding of operations using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. They explore factors, multiples, and divisibility. Efficiency with the standard algorithm of multiplication is reached while the process of division is explored further, extending to two-digit divisors. Fifth graders add and subtract “like” and “unlike” denominators, experiment with fractions as actions, and multiply fractions. They also expand upon their understanding of decimals (to thousandths) and develop fluency with decimal operations.

All student materials can be accessed through the table below as PDFs by chapter.

Chapter Listing

Chapter Topics Think Math! Resources
Chapter 1: Algebra: Machines and Puzzles.
  • Developing computational fluency through solving puzzles
  • Negative numbers
  • Functions stated as single-step and multi-step rules
Chapter 1 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 1 Student Handbook pages Chapter 1 Practice pages Chapter 1 Extension pages Chapter 1 Activity Masters

Chapter 1 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 2: Multiplication and Large Numbers
  • Revisiting the structure of the multiplication table
  • Using area models to model multiplication
Chapter 2 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 2 Student Handbook pages Chapter 2 Practice pages Chapter 2 Extension pages Chapter 2 Activity Masters

Chapter 2 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 3: Factoring and Prime Numbers
  • Factors, multiples, and divisibility
  • Prime and composite numbers
Chapter 3 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 3 Student Handbook pages Chapter 3 Practice pages Chapter 3 Extension pages Chapter 3 Activity Masters

Chapter 3 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 4: Equivalence and Comparison of Fractions
  • Fractions as actions
  • Fractions as numbers
Chapter 4 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 4 Student Handbook pages Chapter 4 Practice pages Chapter 4 Extension pages Chapter 4 Activity Masters

Chapter 4 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 5: Recording Multi-Digit Multiplication
  • Understanding the systematic and efficient process of multiplying large numbers
  • Applying the process of multiplying large numbers
Chapter 5 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 5 Student Handbook pages Chapter 5 Practice pages Chapter 5 Extension pages Chapter 5 Activity Masters

Chapter 5 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 6: Grids and Graphs
  • Locating points in two-dimensional space
  • Using numbers to describe geometric transformations
  • Describing data
Chapter 6 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 6 Student Handbook pages Chapter 6 Practice pages Chapter 6 Extension pages Chapter 6 Activity Masters

Chapter 6 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 7: Decimals
  • Understanding decimal numbers
  • Relating decimals and fractions
Chapter 7 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 7 Student Handbook pages Chapter 7 Practice pages Chapter 7 Extension pages Chapter 7 Activity Masters

Chapter 7 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 8: Developing a Division Algorithm
  • Understanding the process of division
  • Interpreting remainders


Chapter 8 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 8 Student Handbook pages Chapter 8 Practice pages Chapter 8 Extension pages Chapter 8 Activity Masters

Chapter 8 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 9: Attributes of Two-Dimensional Figures
  • Classifications
  • Importance of angles
Chapter 9 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 9 Student Handbook pages Chapter 9 Practice pages Chapter 9 Extension pages Chapter 9 Activity Masters

Chapter 9 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 10: Area and Perimeter
  • Finding perimeter
  • Finding area
  • Considering area and perimeter together
Chapter 10 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 10 Student Handbook pages Chapter 10 Practice pages Chapter 10 Extension pages Chapter 10 Activity Masters

Chapter 10 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 11: Fraction Computation
  • Adding and subtracting fractions with “like” and “unlike” denominators
  • Multiplying fractions
  • Contexts for fraction computation
Chapter 11 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 11 Student Handbook pages Chapter 11 Practice pages Chapter 11 Extension pages Chapter 11 Activity Masters

Chapter 11 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 12: Three-Dimensional Geometry
  • Describing three-dimensional figures
  • Classifying three-dimensional figures
  • Measuring three-dimensional figures
Chapter 12 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 12 Student Handbook pages Chapter 12 Practice pages Chapter 12 Extension pages Chapter 12 Activity Masters

Chapter 12 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 13: Fun with Algebra
  • Algebraic notation as a language
  • Visual representations
  • Symbolic representations
Chapter 13 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 13 Student Handbook pages Chapter 13 Practice pages Chapter 13 Extension pages Chapter 13 Activity Masters

Chapter 13 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 14: Data and Probability
  • Probability experiments
  • Data collection, display, and interpretation
Chapter 14 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 14 Student Handbook pages Chapter 14 Practice pages Chapter 14 Extension pages Chapter 14 Activity Masters

Chapter 14 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)

Chapter 15: Graphing
  • Graphing relationships
  • Setting up and using the coordinate grid
Chapter 15 Student Lesson Activity (LAB) pages

Chapter 15 Student Handbook pages Chapter 15 Practice pages Chapter 15 Extension pages Chapter 15 Activity Masters

Chapter 15 School-Home Connection Letter (English/Spanish)