When our teachers started using Headline Stories they were truly amazed to see how much ‘math’ was involved in each prompt and how each and every learner was able to contribute, not just with multiple entry points, but also with multiple solutions and many ways to get there! Headline Stories invite learners to explore possibilities, create solutions and think like mathematicians!

~ Tracy Manousaridis, Elementary Math Specialist, Weston Public Schools, Weston, MA

Headline Stories are brief, whole-group, open-ended word problems that, used as an instructional routine, get the whole class thinking creatively together.

Headline Stories give children the experience with:

  • Understanding, visualizing, and interpreting word problems
  • Posing mathematical questions
  • Carefully interpreting word problems by figuring out the question being asked and the information they need to solve it

Headline Stories are designed to be used flexibly. Teachers may search by grade level(s) and then by topic(s) to choose exercises that best meet their students’ needs. Children enjoy engaging in open-ended, exploratory thinking!

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