Sums to 100

Skip counting by 7 and 49

Adding to 10 and 20

How Close to 10? How Close to 20?

Counting by Tens Past 100 and 200

Counting by Tens and Ones

Ten More, Ten Less

Counting by Tens Across 200

Counting by Tens Across 100

Counting Forward and Backward by Tens

Hidden Dots

Hidden Fingers

Skip Counting by Tens

Compute Mental Math Chains

Estimating Two-Digit Sums and Differences

Adding 25

Adding 19

Adding 22 in Chains

Counting Coins and Bills

Subtracting 12 in Chains

Adding 12 in Chains

Adding 9 in Chains

Totaling Dimes and Pennies

Finger Totals to Five and to Ten

Show Me Five!

Showing 3 Fingers

How Many Out of Eight?

How Many Out of Six?

How Many Up? How Many Down?

Showing Fingers (1 to 9)

Showing Fingers (1 to 8)

Showing Fingers (1 to 7)

Showing Fingers (Silent Teaching)

Showing Fingers

5 Fingers