counting and cardinality

Counting Backward for 30 Seconds or 60 seconds

Counting Backward from 60

Counting Backwards

Counting Backward from 10, 20, and/or 50

Counting Forward and Backward

Skip-Counting by Tens Forward and Back

Counting On from a Number

Skip Counting by Fives

Counting On from a Number

Counting to Twenty and Back

Showing 3 Fingers

Counting Forward and Back

Counting Up and Down

One More, One Less

Erase the Wrong Numbers

Erase the Wrong Numbers

How Many Out of Eight?

How Many Out of Six?

How Many Up? How Many Down?

Showing Fingers (1 to 9)

Showing Fingers (1 to 8)

Showing Fingers (1 to 7)

Showing Fingers (Silent Teaching)

Showing Fingers

5 Fingers

One, Two, Three Fingers

Pairing Up